Catena Appellation Wines

In Burgundy, the Vins de Village are wines that come from grapes grown in the territory of certain villages which give their name to the appellation, such as Volnay, Pommard, Meursault or Vosne-Romanée. In a similar manner, the rural towns of Lunlunta, Vista Flores, San Carlos, Tupungato, Agrelo and La Consulta lend their names to the beautiful historic vineyards that surround them. In France, the Village vineyards are small, and often owned by siblings and cousins within the same family. This is due to the Napoleonic code, which establishes that at a person's death his or her land is divided equally among his or her heirs. As a Latin country, Argentina shares the Napoleonic code, and over half of the vineyards in Mendoza are less than four hectares in size and owned by multiple family members. The country life of the Mendoza Villages is ruled by the Saturday asado/barbecue with friends and family, by the daily afternoon siesta and by the Sunday church visit and the occasional wedding or baptism. The flavors of our Catena Appellation "Village" wines express the diversity of terroir and the historic farming customs of these local families.